Classic Hollywood

Here's looking at you, kid   3rd Year Theatre Student, with a passion for Old Hollywood.

These actors and actresses burst onto the Hollywood scene as beautiful young men and women, some as long as a century ago. A hundred years on, and they still aren't forgotten. I hope everyone experiences the beauty and talent of these men and women, watches their old movies, and falls in love with them, as I, and so many moviegoers did, in Hollywood's Golden Age of Cinema.

Doris Day sings ‘The Windy City’ in hit musical 'Calamity Jane' (1953)

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Clara Bow was one of the most famous actresses of the silent movie era, and had continued success in talkies. Clara was famous for her untrained acting ability, sexual presence on screen and becoming an icon of the ‘flapper’ revolution among women in the roaring 20’s. This is an interesting documentary on Clara Bow for those who want to find out more about her, includes an interview by Louise Brooks. 

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